The Top Three Casino Thrillers

Casinos have always been the best place to visit to have a day filled with fun, excitement, and thrill. This has led to the development of many online casino games since time immemorial. A lot of filmmakers are obviously attracted to capture this thrill on the movie reels. Movies in many genres including drama, comedy horror and thrillers have some or the other scenes based on casinos. Most of the casino-inspired movies are thrillers. Here are three of the best movies compiled by RedSpins Casino, a leading online casino in the UK.

The 1998 Thriller Croupier

Croupier is an intense thriller that came out in 1998. The storyline revolves around Jack who is a croupier and an author. Jack in the movie is constantly trying to write a novel that is based on his experience working at the casino. He tries to live an interesting life to pen it down in his novel. However soon he starts going overboard and does some extreme things that ultimately lands him in a bit of problem.

The 1966 Thriller Kaleidoscope features online casino games

Kaleidoscope was released in 1966 and became an instant hit. The storyline features a playboy Barney Lincoln who discovers that all the cards in supplied to all the casinos in Europe are manufactured by just one factory. The interesting part comes when he breaks into this factory and makes some changes in the printing machines that help him print some unnoticed codes into all the cards that are only known to him. He now goes to various casinos and starts winning huge amounts. The story takes a turn when his girlfriend gets to know about this secret and accidentally informs her father about it. Turns out that her father is a policeman in London Police. Her father Manney offers to keep Barney’s secret if he fulfils the promise of helping him catch a big drug lord, Harry.

The 2006 Bond Movie Casino Royale

James Bond movies have always had a mysterious aura around them and are loved by the people all over the world. The Casino Royal was set in a casino. The film revolves around a Baccarat game in a casino in France. This casino is run by a Soviet assassination bureau agent. Mr James Bond who is a secret agent beats the agent. But the twist in the story comes when he is back-stabbed by his own assistant who is also a double agent of the Soviet Assassination Bureau.

Reading about these movies might inspire a few people to try out the online casino games or playing them at the land-based casinos. The online casino games can be played on all the big online casinos. So, get to the online casino sites and start playing the online casino games to get yourself in the leading character of your favourite Hollywood thriller classic.


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