Think before you post!

So often people take to Social Media to post their reactions and views to situations and issues without taking a moment to THINK BEFORE YOU POST.

Police are currently clamping down on racial taunts, discriminatory remarks and abusive posts. This action has led to charges being brought against individuals and serves as a timely reminder to THINK BEFORE YOU POST.

This not only applies to individuals but often Businesses, Clubs, Groups and projects post statuses that send the wrong message and draw reactions from the public domain.

It’s always worth remembering that in this day and age mistakes can be saved in a screenshot and in the cases of Police action also used as evidence and in other instances resulted in job losses.

So use Social Media positively and to the advantage of yourself, your Business, your Club or whatever you use it for and reap the benefits and rewards it can bring.

Always remember THINK BEFORE YOU POST!


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