Top Tips for Successful #Blog Writing for your #Business!

It is fair to say that all forms of marketing are important and certainly it is very important that each is done correctly and frequently enough to make an impact and ROI. Our expertise is Social Media and we constantly get asked to run PR and Blog compaigns for our clients, but thought we would share some tips with readers who are looking to embrace blogs writing themselves ~ What you need to know to get results and traffic to your website! Our top tips:

  • Write a blog that is clear to the eye, not all bunched up and scannable as readers these days spend less and less time on website and reading, they want to gather the important information in the quickest way possible.
  • Consider your readers attention span and make sure your blogs are too long winded or equally important, too brief to be taken seriously!
  • Speling and gramma! 😉  Very important as poor English and misspelled words can put readers off and even annoy some!
  • Adding Pictures is a great way to enhance blog posts and is vital for when it comes to sharing, as an interesting cover (just like book) can tempt people to open the blog on your website and read. Think also about videos on the same way for is a picture can paint a thousand words… You know the rest!
  • Just like Social Media, it is important to understand what topics will engage your Target Audience. Get a feel for what your potential customers want to read, such as the latest news for within your industry and write some original content for it.
  • It’s all in the title – Speaks for itself really!
  • Any blog that is written by a ‘Guest Blogger’ is sure to stir further interest and will of course engage the following of that ‘Guest’ who has written for you.
  • When writing blogs think about your target audience as they will only read something that will benefit them, so think ‘Usefulness’, ‘Latest News’, ‘Did You Know’, ‘Uniqueness’, ‘Educational’ etc as the main theme for each.
  • Share your blogs online via Social Media! Make sure each blog you write has the relevant share buttons to enable not only yourself to, but your readers also, to share / like / pin / email etc


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