Top tips for using #Pinterest for your business.

This second post in our series of ‘top tips’ posts shows you the best ways to use Pinterest for your business.

Make your own images
The majority of pins (over 80%) on Pinterest are repins –this is pinning of images that someone else has pinned (not original images).  While repinning other pins to your boards is good and increases your engagement with others on Pinterest, it is important to also create your own images, as people that do this are the influencers.  If you are pinning new images, this won’t be things that people have seen before, which makes your images more interesting.  A tip when producing your own images is that pins without human faces tend to get more engagement than those with faces.

Use the ‘pin-it’ button
You can have the pin it button on your web pages and underneath images 
so that if someone looking at an image on your site wants to pin it, it is easy for them to do so.  You can also have the pin it button in your browser, so that if you see something you would like to pin to one of your boards, you can do it easily.

Link to product page
If you are pinning images of your products that are available online, then pin them from your website rather than uploading a picture.  This way, when users click to view your pin and click on ‘go to website’, this will automatically take them to the page that you pinned the product from. This makes it easier for people to find out more about your products and also to buy them!

If you are pinning an image of a product that you sell, include the price of it in your description e.g. in the format of £30.  This will automatically get registered as a gift and will appear in Pinterest’s gift section for those users looking to buy a present.

If one of your pins is in reference to another user you should tag them in the description of the pin. This notifies that user that they have been tagged and the tag becomes a link to that person’s profile.  If someone follows a lot of users on Pinterest then the tag is a useful tool to use if you want them to notice your pin. They may not see it otherwise, due to the amount of pins in their feed by users they follow.  To tag someone in a pin, just use the @ sign and their username, as you would with Twitter.


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