Understanding the very basics of Social Media.

Many people who contact us at Marketme know that Social Media is of importance to their current and future digital marketing plans, but most are really not fully understanding on why it will play such a big part in acquiring and maintaining clients. When we meet our clients we try and keep things as simple as possible and for a great way of explaining why Social Media is for importance, let us look at other marketing methods and how they work:

  • Radio Advertising? What makes radio advertising worth advertising on is the figures of whom listens to each station. The more listeners then the more a radio station can charge to advertise.
  • Magazine /Newspaper Advertising? Once again, if a magazine or newspaper has high readership, then it can command higher prices for adverts… I mean, compare a full page advert in the Sunday Times compared to your local free newspaper, they’ll be a big difference in costs.
  • Television Advertising? One of the most costly forms of advertising today, though of recent years as more and more channels appear, viewing figures have declined. Though we assume that any slot within high viewing figure shows such as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ would command a high fee for any advertisement slots.
  • Social Media Advertising? Just like all of the above, it is down to the viewers / readers / watchers or as in Social Media terms Followers and Likes. The more followers and likes you have on your Social Media channels (especially targeted ones) then the more value your channels have. Imagine you have 100,000 followers on Twitter, all target to your industry / sector ~ Then surely this would have as much value and relevance as you paying for that advertisement slot within your local / national radio channel, TV station or local / national newspaper / magazine?

Social Media value = volume of your target audience. The more followers and likes you have that are interested in your brand / services / products then, if used wisely, you have a high value marketing channel to use 24/7.


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