Understanding your Target Audience behaviour is key to Social Media success.

It is all well and good having your social media accounts live with regular updates on each of the channels, but what if all your efforts are falling upon deaf ears? You could be updating 20 times a day when you only need to be updating 5 times… You could be updating on channels where as you could be not maximising on others where your key audience is hanging out. Here are siz top tips on the subject:

  1. Think about your target audience and study them on social media. How do they interact, which platforms are they on?
  2. What time of day or even day of the week are is your target audience mostly active? Top international corportaions spend a lot of time researching the times of day their audiences most engage with them.
  3. What language and tone should you be using? Older generations may not appreciate abreviations and hash tags, younger generations may prefer engaging videos and viral / guerilla marketing.
  4. Some companies have preferred social media platforms to communicate their expertise and offerings. Study each of the platforms and the success companies are having on them with communicating their services to clients.
  5. If you are an international company then remember time zones and languages can cause barriers, social media is international so it never sleeps and it also interacts in many different languages.
  6. From country to country social media platforms vary in popularity. Pinterest might be popular in the United Kindgom whereas France prefers Instagram etc.




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