Ways to make your Video go Viral.

Bandwidth is increasing and video production costs continue to decrease, indeed video recording and playing devices are on nearly every mobile appliance we own so businesses are beginning to embrace video as a successful way to market their products / services to clients online. Videos are Engaging, Educating and Entertaining and videos that attract immensley large viewing figures can receive international recognition overnight, thus becoming ‘Viral’. It is now given that any video you watch online is likely to be on or hosted on YouTube, so the first thing to remember in Video Marketing is to get it on www.YouTube.com!

To make a successful Viral Video, certain requirements are called for. A video needs to be:

  • Immediately engaging to retain audience.
  • Have shocking / unexpected / funny / sexy / controversial content depending on your industy / sector.
  • Professionally made, correct lighting / actors / film quality.
  • Correct length to retain audiences throughout length of video.
  • Correctly listed with effort towards SEO / keywords.
  • Shared across your Social Media accounts / Emails lists / Newsletters.
  • Relevant or eye catching thumbnail.
  • Think different, outside the box, weird, #WTF, jaw dropping and you’ll have the mindset for a Viral Video.



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