What are the basics of an effective social media campaign?

When I talk to customers about how we make Facebook and Twitter effective tools to further their brand I find that the answer is very simple. RELEVANCE!

What is the point in posting campaigns that have nothing to do with your company or what you are trying to market? Relevant marketing is Content Marketing. I fully appreciate the relevance other news and to enjoy social media as, as it states, it is a social site, but campaigns need to be effective with up to date content to keep your customers enthused, as today’s consumers have shut off to the traditional world of market as social media sites have grown.

But what is content marketing? It exactly defined as this: “A marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” seems easier said than done? not true it is VERY easy. I’m doing it right now as I right this blog, you are enticed, wanting to know more of what I have to offer you in way of knowledge, wondering what’s next.

But what is the purpose of content marketing? Its simply to attract and keep customers by creating relevant campaigns and content with sole purpose of enhancing customer behaviour. Its and on-going process not just a one of to keep the consumer enticed and wanting more, it keeps up with the pace of your company, making the consumer wondering what is next.

There are many reason as to why we should use content marketing. But the worlds biggest leaders see these as “The Big 5”.

1. Increase sales

2. Retain customers

3. Build or reposition your brand

4. Ability to integrate

5. Engage customers long term

So when you do your next campaign, once you finish it and before publishing it ask yourself this, is the Content relevant to keep my customers enthused.


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