What content should you be sharing on Social Media? A short #Blog.

Many businesses create their Social Media accounts and have little idea to what they should be sharing, some may have been using the platforms to chat to colleagues and other business associates and suddenly realise they have a target audience following them and need to start acting appropriately and deliver some engaging content.

Below are some ideas to what you should be looking to push out across your Social Media channels and what you should aim for to establish your business as a  relevant, entertaining and experts at addressing specific needs of your readers.

  • Latest news within your industry from reputable sources, scan Google for keywords with results for last 24 hours.
  • Short, easy to read, catchy and entertaining news on your business such as new members of staff, new work premises, charity works, new promotions etc.
  • Blog content written by yourselves and hosted on your website, share and monitor if and where they are read from your web analytics.
  • Images are important to increase chances of posts being noticed and shared. Try and use your own images so if they go viral it’s your image that becomes famous.
  • Videos are easy to do with so many everyday internet accessing devices having a good standard camcorder. Use videos to increase chances of your posts being read and to easily convey complicated messages / instructions to your network.
  • Look around at what else is being shared on Social Media and do not be shy on re-sharing this content. Use Likes, comments and reTweets to show others you appreciate their content.


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