Which #SocialMedia Platform is right for your Business?

Are you wondering whether you should be  focusing on Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube, or in fact putting more time and effort into Tweeting? This brief blog looks at the merits of some of the major Social Media platforms and how they can be used for your business. Ultimately, with any Social Media management campaign, it is important to be present wherever your target audiences invest their time and attention.

Twitter: Ideal platform for both B2B and B2C marketing / target audience building. You are able to share short blast messages on your products / services, you can #reTweet messages and comment. The shorter format of Twitter can make it more difficult to really build deep and meaningful relationships with customers, however it’s great for getting in touch and keeping up to date by releasing latest news on your business and industry. Active Twitter accounts gain many followers and increase chances of sharing and going viral.

Facebook: The most popular social platform on the web and has evolved as not only a social communication tool, has also built it’s credibility to build brand awareness for business. Fan Pages for businesses on Facebook allow users to keep up to date with your business news, sales /offers and updates. Successful brands on Facebook encourage interaction by competitions and question times which increases comments and sharing, thus building a strong communication channel. Facebook is social, so many users will not enjoy hard selling techniques, remember to engage, entertain and educate which in turn will build brand loyalty.

YouTube: The video sharing platform and only useful if your company uses Videos. YouTube, especially with it’s purchase by Google is great for search engine ranking. The ability to go viral with a video is the hidden gem within the YouTube platform for many people and businesses have become famous overnight simply by uploading a video. Remember that 80+ hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute so you need to have a well thought out video to achieve any satisfactory results / views.

Linkedin: Linked is a business networking site where people’s profile is more or less a live CV of their business experiences allowing for users to network between suitable profiles. Linkedin allows for creation of Groups where you can find like minded people for your niche sector and engage their attention by allow discussions and posts. Every time you post you create a direct link back to your profile or business website.

Pinterest: A Social Platform that allows users to ‘pin’ photographs to relevant themed boards which other users can follow. Only really useful if your business revolves around good looking images / videos. Each photograph can have a description for keywords as well as a direct link to your capture website.



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