Why you should pay attention to your social media analytics.

If you have a company social media page, you may or may not have already seen that you can check the analytics of some of these pages.  This blog post will look at why these analytics are important and why you should be keeping an eye on them.  Not all social media platforms have analytics built in to them, so some of the below points may not be relevant.  Most of the major platforms have some sort of insight in to your updates though.  LinkedIn has recently introduced them, and Facebook has greatly improved theirs.  So why should you be looking at your social media analytics?
1. To find out what content is most popular with your followersYou will want to make sure that the content you post is relevant and interesting to your followers.  By looking at your analytics for each post, you will get a detailed insight in to the levels of engagement for each post.  Some social media sites are better at providing these statistics than others, but it allows you to see what topics your followers enjoy hearing about.

2. To see who your followers are

Analytics provide information on the type of people following your page, with information such as where they live, their age and job level.  This allows you to see the type of people that are interested in hearing from your company and what type of audience you have. This may influence the type of content you post and may differ from the types of followers you thought you had.

3. Where people are coming to your page from

These figures allow you to see where your fans are finding your page and allow you to assess your marketing materials.  Perhaps it is not worth advertising your social media presence in one specific area, as those people are not interested in following your company, or they are already following you.


4. Which pages your fans like to see mostIf you have a social media account which allows you to have different pages e.g. Facebook, the insights will tell you which of your pages your fans are checking most regularly.  This can give you a better idea of what information your fans want to see and may mean that you need to put more work in to other areas of your profile.5. When your fans are online

This sort of information is vital so that you know when to post updates from your accounts.  It allows you to post at a time when the likelihood that as many people as possible will see your update.  You need to be posting at this time so that your followers will see your posts and you will stay in their mind.

6. Which type of post is best

From your analytics, you may see trends that show which type of posts are popular with your followers.  Posts with pictures tend to be the most popular, but it is important to look at these stats because you may find that, for example, blog links are what interests your followers most.


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