Youtube: If a picture can paint a thousand words, how many more can video?

As the UK’s first reality property app raises $500,000 capital the question posed is whether 3D imagery is a future marketing solution for Estate Agents? It has been known for a number of years that social media is a great way to boost your online property exposure, with many Estate Agents choosing to use networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as their social stage. However, YouTube offers a networking platform that allows the viewer to have a more personal connection with a property, which is what every Estate Agent needs.
YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google; it is therefore a powerful marketing tool for networking and engaging with your community online. Through virtual tours viewers can explore a property without actually being there, allowing them to make a decision as to whether to view the property or not. A video can also show many features of a property that may be particularly difficult to show by less modern methods such as newspaper listings. Many have argued that this is a revolutionary approach for property marketing, driving more qualified traffic towards agents, and allowing them to convert prospective clients into customers.
YouTube videos can also be shared on other social media sights such as Facebook, Twitter and even on websites and blogs. With 490 million unique YouTube users per month, YouTube can offer an easy and affordable method with can provide access to a mass market audience.
With competition between Estate Agents becoming ever more apparent and customer expectations increasing, if you haven’t explored this means of marketing then its time you consider following in the footsteps of other firms and utilising this effective method of promoting your business and creating property leads. After all, if a picture can paint a thousand words, how many more can a video?


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