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4 Reasons Why DIY Websites are Generally a Bad Idea

2nd October 2021

New business owners have the choice of either paying to have a professional website built for them or building one themselves using one of the various tools that are available on the market. While these can sometimes do a decent job, they are not the best option for most. They will usually have issues that…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Never DIY Your Business Logo

23rd September 2021

When you are setting up a business, keeping your costs down is always a priority. So, you’ll constantly be looking for things that you can do yourself instead of paying people. That’s good practice, but you need to know where to draw the line. For example, you can run your own social media pages as…

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Simple Ways To DIY A Great Office

18th November 2019

There are a lot of differences between owning a home and an office space. When you buy your home for the first time the main thing you’ll aim to do is make the space feel like your own. When you buy an office space though, the focus will be on making it feel comfortable and…

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The DIY Aesthetic: A Model To Follow?

22nd March 2017

The Do It Yourself aesthetic is a very appealing one to many small companies. The British indie record labels of the early 1980’s like Factory or Rough Trade seemed to thrive on the small-scale “let’s all chip in” method to working. And with all modern independent record labels now, they consist of being home-run businesses,…

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Could Your Will Be Contested After Your Death?

7th April 2024

When we write our wills, we don’t do so envisioning a largescale rift opening up between family members – accusations or disagreements causing permanent changes to that dynamic we spent our entire lives cultivating. Unfortunately, will writing is a very complex area – families who stay strong even during turbulent times can meet their match…

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What Can Medical Private Practices Do to Safeguard Their Business?

13th March 2024

Like all other businesses, large and small in other industries, even private practices come with their own set of major challenges. You can count on a few things, including regulatory compliance, financial risks, and patient safety concerns. Basically, whatever big medical corporations are having to deal with, the little guy has to deal with it,…

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8 Great Ways To Transform Your Car’s Exterior

22nd February 2024

Your car’s appearance should match your taste and personality. Some car owners love to maintain the natural state of their vehicles, while other users prefer to spice things up by customising their rides. The exterior is one effective area to modify your vehicle and make it look more attractive. Thankfully, this project doesn’t have to…

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The Ultimate Guide To Upgrading Property Value

2nd February 2024

Are you interested in selling your home for the best possible price? If so, then you need to think about the key ways that you can increase the value. There are lots of options to explore here so let’s dive in and before we tell you how to increase the value, we’ll discuss some of…

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5 Features That Help Make the Perfect Business Card

26th July 2023

Are business cards out of style? Absolutely not! You could even say that business cards are more prevalent now than ever. Sure, you don’t have to go to great lengths like that American Psycho scene to have ivory or embossing on the cards. But business cards still pack quite the punch, and in a lot…

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Tips for Buying Rubber Mallets

7th July 2023

We all know about metal-faced hammers and there’s a pretty good chance most people out there have at least one of their own. The thing is that those hammers oftentimes wind up being used for things they shouldn’t be. Instead of opting to hit everything with a standard hammer, make sure that you invest in…

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Lovecrafts – Bring Your Creations To Life

29th June 2022

We all like to put our creative minds to work, creating, crafting, knitting or crocheting something which we are proud of, Lovecrafts is a site dedicated to the world of crafts, let’s explore a few of their products to see if they can help you create something new. Lovecrafts began in 2012 with the name…

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What is a Plier?

17th September 2020

If you’ve ever needed to grip or twist an object or cut some wire, you’d be familiar with pliers. They hold an essential space in the toolboxes of professionals and DIY-enthusiasts alike and you can find them at any hardware store or reputable global distributor, for example RS Components. There are dozens of styles available,…

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