Every Strategy Needs Branded Merchandise. Period.

We’re waist deep in the digital age, and that means businesses tend to b overwhelmed by which approach to online marketing to go down when it comes to planning their strategy moving forward. There is Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Instagram for businesses, video advertising and, yeah, even television ads that have the ability to take Youtube by storm. But while these are all great, they lack the value that branded merchandise and promotional products offer.


Of course, getting a mug branded and taking it to a trade show with you is not going to be enough. But, with the right planning and understanding, branded merchandise can really boost your other means of marketing. They can really lift your exposure. In fact, branded merchandise has been proved to invoke three times more loyalty than any of the online strategies we mentioned.


So, let’s crack on with things shall we and run through the biggest benefits of incorporating promo products into your marketing strategy moving into the final quarter of the year.


Recognition Gets Better And Better

A Facebook ad has a lifespan of approximately 38 minutes. A well-thought out piece of branded merchandise, however, offers you the kind of longevity that you could only dream of, with 49% of people who pick up branded merchandise using them every day. That means these offer a huge amount of brand recognition. You see, a Facebook Ad is stuck in a phone, whereas a branded water bottle could get everywhere; the gym, subway, supermarket, park, office, class, and everywhere in between. Oh, and most people keep promotional products in use for over 13 months, which means your brand will be etched into their retinas and the retinas of those around them too.


Choice Makes Life Easier

Through this article so far the terms ‘promotional products’ and ‘branded merchandise’ have probably had you thinking about mugs and pens and wristbands and lanyards – generic trade show things. There is nothing wrong with these, but as a business, you should be looking to stand out and offer the recipients something they will use for a long time after the show closes. It could be that you want to keep it cheap still, in which case we recommend you go down the corporate calendar printing route, creating a branded calendar that will catch people’s eyes as it stands proudly on an office wall or desk. It could be a branded USB drive that you give out with your business cards or a wireless speaker that embraces your logo and becomes a staple piece of people’s ‘carry everywhere’ belongings. There are so many options for you to explore and that means there are so many ways that you can connect with your target audience on a level that branded pens can’t quite.


Customers Who Ooze Loyalty

People who receive promotional products are 57% more likely to become loyal customers. It is simple psychology; the power of gifts is one that will never fade. That is because we all feel a little bit of pleasure rumble inside us when we receive something unexpected, and that will translate as a positive emotion they associate with your brand. They will smile every time they see your logo. We can back this up with another stat too: people who receive promotional products are six times more likely to feel appreciated by that brand compared to how print, TV and online marketing makes them feel. Basically, existing customers are the key to successful business and branded merchandise is the key to getting them.



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