The Fastest Ways to Increase Your Instagram Following.

14th July 2014

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest social media outlets. With more than 150 million users – and that number keeps growing larger each day – you have a large pool of potential followers. Whether you’re using Instagram for business or for personal use, you want to have a lot of followers. More importantly,…

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Product placement and self promotion on Social Media.

30th May 2014

We are experimenting with self promotion and product placement in a fun and humorous way  through miniature art installations. Putting our product (bespoke printed splashbacks) and linked products, in this case Nespresso, together in the same shot. We are using our strongest USP which is creativity and imagination to engage with bigger brands with the…

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NHS and Social Media – Is it all down to the strategy?

10th May 2014

For the last couple of weeks both myself and Ash have been heavily involved in debates regarding the NHS and Social Media. We first got involved because the people were asking for solutions and we wanted to discuss that with them. The NHS is a mine field of bureaucracy and levels of management. The NHS…

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Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet – 2014

26th March 2014

If you are an inbound marketer or own a web business like me, you probably know how powerful to have beautiful looking social media accounts and the effect of sharing your content with a well-designed visual. An image says more than words can explain! Right? Now that even Twitter allows you to share your content…

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Why Instagram Video Is Becoming an Essential Marketing Tool for Brands

26th February 2014

Like Vine, Instagram recently rolled out video support which allows account owners to share content in short spurts. The big difference is that Instagram videos can be up to fifteen seconds long, more than double the limit imposed on Vine. On Vine, six-second videos loop continuously, which can make it quite difficult to create a…

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Are Estate Agents making the best of the agency window?

15th February 2014

Estate Agents are by the very nature of their business very reliant on the quality of their window display to attract prospective buyers passing their agency window. So what’s the problem? It’s all very standard with rows upon rows of properties with very little in the way of varied customer engagement through the use of…

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Instagram: How to use it to maximize your business efforts?

9th January 2014

Instagram is a great social network. I think everyone will agree. But it’s good only to make some selfie’s and show up with your private life?  Many people could think so, but it’s not true. Lot of people using Instagram only for private purposes and Pinterest for business efforts. I agree that Pinterest is more…

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