What is Branding Marketing About?

26th October 2016

Branding Marketing is the process of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product or service from competing ones An effective branding strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly growing and competitive markets. As such, branding management and marketing refers to your promise and commitment in front of the customer.…

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Infographics are dead! Long live video infographics!

13th February 2015

Infographics are everywhere. And rightly so! As they emerged a few years or so ago, PR folks and marketers took advantage of the simplicity of displaying complex data in a way that told a more compelling story than just a load of numbers, percentages and words. And they didn’t need to be design experts. They…

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How To Build A Social Media Sales Funnel From Scratch

20th November 2014

At a recent speaking engagement I was privileged to spend some quality time chatting to a number of small business owners after the event, and one of the biggest questions that they wanted answering is “How do I find the right leads on social, and how do I turn them into customers?” I sat down…

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Five ways to make your business card technology friendly.

6th November 2014

It’s pretty much a given that, if you find yourself at an event where business cards are being exchanged, you’ll get absolutely inundated with them. This happened to me recently, and after sifting through the gargantuan pile of business cards that I had amassed, it occurred to me that I was simply skimming past most…

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Types of Word of Mouth Marketing

27th October 2014

There are two types of word of mouth; immediate and ongoing. Both types are invaluable to brands but certain types are more important for certain products. Immediate Word of Mouth Immediate word of mouth takes place when you pass on information soon after you have learnt it, for example you see an advert for a…

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Have you ever wondered why your email marketing is not working?

26th October 2014

The basic principle of digital marketing and email marketing is to bring content and share value and useful information to others. The greatest expectation we have about email marketing, is to be opened, read and eventually engage our prospects in a variety of different ways. The purpose of email is to build and grow relationships…

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SME Marketing Tips 2014

10th September 2014

If you have a start-up or a small business, you will know that marketing is essential for increasing awareness of your brand, generating income and ensuring continued success. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your company is, if people aren’t aware of it. With marketing being essential for a company’s success, it is important…

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New on Twitter: Promoted Video

25th August 2014

Given the explosion of video content over the last few years, we could always count on one site to stick with simple text: Twitter. Those days are gone, thanks to recent beta testing on the site’s new Promoted Video tool. People were already using Twitter to share links to promotional videos with prospects and customers.…

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SlideShare Now Lets You Upload Infographics

15th August 2014

As SlideShare itself states, its goal is simple: to share knowledge online. Over the past eight years, SlideShare has worked tirelessly to meet that goal, becoming one of the most popular and useful sites for sharing professional content and presentation related media. Now, over two years since becoming part of the LinkedIn fold, SlideShare has…

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Finding Your Social Voice

6th August 2014

When you begin a marketing campaign, big or small, start by identifying your end goal and work backwards – and for most this second step will be focussing on your brand. Dependent on the age of your business, you may already have a firmly established brand identity that is familiar to your target customer, whereas…

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How Social Media Marketing Helps In Gaining Website Traffic?

6th August 2014

Advent of social media sites has opened new avenues for businesses to create profitable opportunities. It is a platform that makes it easier for businesses to directly engage with their customers, understand their needs and interests and expand their reach by attracting huge populace of online users. Therefore social media marketing is now rightly considered…

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Is Content Curation Killing Social Media Marketing?

16th June 2014

This is a subject that has been getting more of a focus over the last few months. As with any form of Social Strategy there is a lot of debate on what you should be doing and how much you should be doing it. Content curation (in this context) is the act of finding the…

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