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3 Facebook Updates That Can Better Your Business

2nd June 2014

It’s no surprise that Facebook’s development team is constantly on the move. They often tweak and sometimes completely, overhaul their site. It may seem hard to keep up with these ceaseless changes, but, if you do, your business’s presence on the site could be better for it. Below are three recent updates that you can…

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The Fastest Way to Build a Following on Pinterest.

28th May 2014

What’s the point of working to have a social media presence if no one notices your efforts? Social media’s main purpose is to help you build connections, after all. So if you’re blindly wandering around Pinterest, struggling to build a following, you’re wasting your time. Or, perhaps you’re just now launching a Pinterest account in…

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When Facebook is gone in 5 years time are you going to be ready?

22nd May 2014

The general consensus is that Facebook is still playing a crucial role within social media marketing but as it loses it’s “cool factor” that made it so popular in the first place will the audience engagement go down and never recover?  This is one of the most hotly debated topics in social media at the…

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Why Getting Social Media Right Is Just Like Playing Poker

18th May 2014

For anyone that has watched any James Bond film that involves a poker scene – in fact any film that involves a poker scene – the message is clear you don’t play your cards you simply play the man opposite you. Well in social media and marketing in general it is exactly the same thing. …

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NHS and Social Media – Is it all down to the strategy?

10th May 2014

For the last couple of weeks both myself and Ash have been heavily involved in debates regarding the NHS and Social Media. We first got involved because the people were asking for solutions and we wanted to discuss that with them. The NHS is a mine field of bureaucracy and levels of management. The NHS…

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Advantages of using a Freelancer for social media

17th April 2014

  Social media marketing has become an integral part of our daily business strategies, especially in today’s modern technological age.   However to be really successful and utilise social media to its full potential, you must be able to do it alongside your full time job, or not bother at all. First of all if…

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Why Aren't Fans Responding On Facebook? Vaccoda Design

6 Reasons Your Fans Aren’t Responding to Your Facebook Posts

12th February 2014

The first sign that things were changing on Facebook appeared a few weeks ago. There was a significant drop in reach for almost all of our clients. Reach is the metric provided in Facebook analytics that is supposed to show how much exposure a post receives. The drop happened on the same day immediately following…

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Managing a community – 3 things you should know

26th January 2014

I’ve been working as a community manager for over 5 years now, and managing my own team for the last year. During that time I’ve seen a lot of changes, both in general community and social media management, and the general idea of what a community manager is. Throughout those changes, however, a few things…

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