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Is Periscope Business-Worthy, or Just Google Hangouts for Kids?

16th September 2015

I recently wrote an article entitled “So What the Heck is Periscope” and, since I wrote it, I now know exactly what it is. Doesn’t mean I like it any better, but at least I understand it. Last week I was discussing social media with David, a digital marketing specialist I know, and mentioned my…

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How To Build A Social Media Sales Funnel From Scratch

20th November 2014

At a recent speaking engagement I was privileged to spend some quality time chatting to a number of small business owners after the event, and one of the biggest questions that they wanted answering is “How do I find the right leads on social, and how do I turn them into customers?” I sat down…

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Quick Tips for Social Media.

19th November 2014

Social Media maybe a mine field for many people, but in all honesty it is a very simple solution for people to promote both themselves and their businesses. There is no rocket science behind social media, see it just like attending one of your breakfast meeting business networking events – A place to be seen…

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5 Reasons: Why Social Media and SEO should be done together?

14th August 2014

Number counts for spreading the words. More mouths mean intense voices and higher chances of getting heard around. We are living in a digital society. Even best of the artist finds crunching numbers of likes and followers on Social Media like Facebook or MySpace. This is why, every business needs social media presence. When you…

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6 Quick tips on How to be more Successful with Pinterest.

13th August 2014

If you are up to date with marketing news you surely have already heard of Pinterest – social media platform allowing users to share mainly visual content: pictures, graphics, infographics, etc. Since it is a platform for visual learners, the type of business which can gain the most by being present in is the one…

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Kicking Your Marketing Imagery up a Notch.

7th July 2014

In marketing, we’re often told – force-fed, rather – unique content is absolutely essential. Believe it or not, when they say content is king, it doesn’t exclusively refer to text-based content. Attractive, engaging and relatable images are also essential to a successful content marketing strategy. Visual content is even more important when you throw social…

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Live-Tweeting Tips for Your Next Event.

3rd July 2014

When you’re attending conferences and events, social media is a great way to get your audience actively engaged and increase your interactions. You can reach out to your followers and tell them some of the interesting or thought-provoking parts of your event with the hopes that they’ll give you some sort of response. Live-tweeting is…

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Using “Pages to Watch” in Your Facebook Insights.

16th June 2014

Facebook certainly helps us keep up with others, thanks to status updates, photos and milestones marked on a virtual timeline. It might come as a surprise that this information extends far beyond personal relationships, though. In fact, businesses can use Facebook to see just how their competitors are doing, thanks to a feature called Pages…

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The Fastest Way to Build a Following on Pinterest.

28th May 2014

What’s the point of working to have a social media presence if no one notices your efforts? Social media’s main purpose is to help you build connections, after all. So if you’re blindly wandering around Pinterest, struggling to build a following, you’re wasting your time. Or, perhaps you’re just now launching a Pinterest account in…

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When Facebook is gone in 5 years time are you going to be ready?

22nd May 2014

The general consensus is that Facebook is still playing a crucial role within social media marketing but as it loses it’s “cool factor” that made it so popular in the first place will the audience engagement go down and never recover?  This is one of the most hotly debated topics in social media at the…

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Why Getting Social Media Right Is Just Like Playing Poker

18th May 2014

For anyone that has watched any James Bond film that involves a poker scene – in fact any film that involves a poker scene – the message is clear you don’t play your cards you simply play the man opposite you. Well in social media and marketing in general it is exactly the same thing. …

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Paid Followers and Fans – What is the point? (I’ll give you a clue there isn’t any)

6th May 2014

I was discussing what we do with a peer the other day as we drove to a networking meeting together . She is a huge advocate of what we do and had some advice for me. She told me to stop selling social media, “You guys are growing people’s businesses, using social media. You aren’t…

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