Why You Need Your Business To Be Visual

People respond to visual cues more often than they respond to anything else. Of course you can have a good jingle to accompany your advert that can get stuck in people’s heads, but that can be far more annoying than it is useful in the customer mind! And with the modern age of the internet and ‘shorter’ attention spans when it comes to flicking through social media, there’s a lot more you can work with when it comes to the visual. We’re even constantly debating whether or not our kids are at risk because of what the internet is doing to modern society, and we need to consider how that changes expectations as well. Without further ado, let’s go through a few of the reasons why your business needs to be visual.


You Can Use Multiple Platforms


You’re advertising towards people who have eyes, and that’s about 99% of the population of the planet. So being visual with what you do is the best way to find a target market amongst everyone who could be exposed to you; it’s no small matter, and you’re always going to need to find that group of people to make sure you have personas to base the rest of your efforts off of.


It’s a Consistent Marketing Message


Being visual involves having a good branding face on your side, and being creative enough to make sure anyone is going to stick around to see the advert through. And one of the best ways to do that is by staying consistent with your marketing message.


Looking into company video production is going to mean you’ve got backup marketing resources whenever you need them, and you can pay anyone online to showcase these reels whenever you’re doing an advertising drive. Not to mention all the videos you do end up producing are going to be of the same production quality and have the same themes and messages across them.


Your Logo Matters


Your brand is you, and your brand is your logo. And when you need someone to take you at face value, you’re going to need to use this to full advantage. After all, if you want customers to recognise you, you’re going to need to constantly put your logo in their face! The one way to do this is to strategically place it on every marketing image or video you produce, and that you’d be proud for someone to see.


But make sure it’s not too ‘in your face,’ as you don’t want to turn anyone away by coming off as tacky with your use of colour and misuse of branding ability. You’re going to need to represent who you are behind your logo as well of course, so don’t place all your efforts on making sure this is the only noteworthy thing to your name.


All in all, your business needs to be visual because it’s the best way to reach people. Not everyone will get it right, but you’re on your way.



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