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[HowTo] Customer Success Tracking for Social Media Trainers

21st April 2016

Customer Success Tracking is a new term that’s super applicable to the world of social media training. To understand it, let’s break it down: “Customer Success” means your customers being successful – reaping the promised rewards of your service. “Tracking” means keeping track of their social media activity and condensing it into a meaningful report So, “Customer Success Tracking” is…

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The Potential of Social Media for B2B in 2016

14th March 2016

Source: The Potential of Social Media for B2B in 2016

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So What the Heck is #Periscope?

21st July 2015

I went to a social media conference last week. As I walked in the door, I was suddenly on Periscope, looking very startled I might add and only capable of uttering something that sounded very much like “ermblurfatnomnom”…. Fantastic! Everyone around me was hyper excited and waving phones all over the place. It was quite…

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Too niche for email marketing? Try adding social media!

19th April 2015

Email marketing spend is on the increase, with companies eager to create great campaigns and not only pull in new customers but keep returning ones. Niche businesses shouldn’t hold back and think that email marketing will be ineffective for them, but how can they make it work? Where to start Creating a marketing strategy is one of…

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Infographics are dead! Long live video infographics!

13th February 2015

Infographics are everywhere. And rightly so! As they emerged a few years or so ago, PR folks and marketers took advantage of the simplicity of displaying complex data in a way that told a more compelling story than just a load of numbers, percentages and words. And they didn’t need to be design experts. They…

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How To Build A Social Media Sales Funnel From Scratch

20th November 2014

At a recent speaking engagement I was privileged to spend some quality time chatting to a number of small business owners after the event, and one of the biggest questions that they wanted answering is “How do I find the right leads on social, and how do I turn them into customers?” I sat down…

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Social Media and Email Marketing – The Winning Combination This Christmas.

18th November 2014

All I want for Christmas is good ROI on my campaigns! With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time we had a good look at our email and social media marketing efforts and make sure they live up to the task of delivering results. Email and social media marketing go together like Batman and Robin. They…

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Twitterversary: What next for the birdwatching trade?

11th November 2014

Twitter verb : to make fast and usually high sounds : to talk in a quick and informal way about unimportant things That’s the dictionary entry I found for Twitter, dating back to a time before the word became eponymous with the social networking service, which does, seemingly, live up to its dictionary definition. Why bring…

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Five ways to make your business card technology friendly.

6th November 2014

It’s pretty much a given that, if you find yourself at an event where business cards are being exchanged, you’ll get absolutely inundated with them. This happened to me recently, and after sifting through the gargantuan pile of business cards that I had amassed, it occurred to me that I was simply skimming past most…

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The age of open source branding.

27th October 2014

It is a bitter pill for many brand managers to swallow. It may even sound absurd but truth is stranger than fiction. No longer are brand managers in control of the brand but the consumer. Welcome to the brave new world of social media ushering in the power shift from marketers to consumers. It is…

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Have you ever wondered why your email marketing is not working?

26th October 2014

The basic principle of digital marketing and email marketing is to bring content and share value and useful information to others. The greatest expectation we have about email marketing, is to be opened, read and eventually engage our prospects in a variety of different ways. The purpose of email is to build and grow relationships…

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Social Media Week 2014: What can Social Media do for your business?

23rd September 2014

Happy Social Media Week 2014! What better excuse to talk about one thing I can’t live without! Most brands now are recognising the power of social media and if you aren’t you should be. As technology grows and updates rise we are being forced into it, but it’s a good thing! Here’s why Social Media…

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