Hidden Charges: What Fees Are You Paying on Your Credit Card?

24th June 2019

Through the years, there have been several setbacks to the reputation of credit cards. Now, they are seen as almost the equivalent of debts when, in reality, credit cards can bring convenience in our lives, as long as we don’t become slaves to this plastic card. Credit card fees are very common and can be…

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You Might be Getting in the Way of Your Own Investment Success

31st May 2019

Everyone’s perceptions of life and its intricacies are different and personal experiences can heavily influence an investor’s risk profile – you may actually be your worst enemy when it comes to your financial wellbeing because decisions may be based on personal bias. While this may be daunting to think about, it’s also important to accept…

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How to invest in ETFs

29th May 2019

When trading the markets, there are many financial products available to choose from. ETFs give investors the opportunity to use single instrument to invest in many securities in one transaction. ETF trading has increased rapidly since 2007 with investors’ growing interest in fixed income funds and exposure to emerging markets. They are therefore becoming increasingly…

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What is Copy Trading?

29th May 2019

Trading is a complicated business. There are lots of people out there who would love nothing more than to be able to play the stock market at their leisure and see what they can accomplish financially. However, the perceived high barriers to entry put many people off. There is certainly no doubt that knowledge and…

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5 ways to become financially independent

23rd May 2019

Wealth can be measured in many different ways, but are you truly rich if you have to keep working to pay the bills? Financial independence is often the ultimate goal – to have sufficient money to give up regular work. But how can you gain financial independence? You don’t have to win the lottery, but…

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UK Car & Van Leasing Contract Hire Guide with Select Vehicle Leasing

15th March 2019

Car and van leasing has become a popular means of getting a vehicle without having to pay upfront for it. However, before you look at any online deals or contact any dealers regarding a lease, there are some tips that you should know about. These tips will help you understand the leasing process and what…

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How an accountant can help you manage your cash flow

14th March 2019

Managing your cash flow is key for any company but keeping on top of the books isn’t an easy – or particularly appealing – job. Hiring an accountant to take over this responsibility means you can concentrate on your core business and spend less time worrying about your finances. These are just some of the…

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How to pay your firm’s bills on time, every time.

11th March 2019

Paying your company’s bills on time is much more than just good business practice. Settling up with your suppliers in a timely manner is essential if you want to build a good working relationship with them. However, making sure that all of your bills are paid when they are due, is easier said than done.…

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How to use multi-timeframe analysis in financial trading

8th March 2019

The forex market is available 24 hours, 5 days a week. Whilst this availability presents opportunities, it also presents challenges to many traders, the biggest of which is choosing the best time of day to trade. Another challenge is that charts usually behave differently based on the different time settings chosen. For example, a currency…

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Innovative ways to reward your salespeople and marketeers for their success

28th February 2019

What is it that gets you motivated to succeed? Ask your employees and you’ll receive a range of answers, from money, recognition, promotions and holidays. Many organisations have reward systems in place for their salespeople and marketeers to drive performance. But these common motivators can all become a bit, well, redundant. There’s no need to…

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