Appealing to a Male Audience on Pinterest.

30th September 2014

Although the number of women using Pinterest greatly outnumbers the amount of men, there has been a demographic shift suggesting the image-based social media site isn’t just a women-only destination. In fact, in addition to major brands that are specifically reaching out to men and encouraging them to use Pinterest, representatives working directly for Pinterest…

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Social Media & Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

18th August 2014

Social media has taken over, if you aren’t on a social media network yourself then you most certainly will know someone else who is. Social media platforms aren’t just used to keep up to date with what your friends and family are up to, it’s also used for marketing and scoping out the competition. Twitter,…

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6 Quick tips on How to be more Successful with Pinterest.

13th August 2014

If you are up to date with marketing news you surely have already heard of Pinterest – social media platform allowing users to share mainly visual content: pictures, graphics, infographics, etc. Since it is a platform for visual learners, the type of business which can gain the most by being present in is the one…

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A beginner’s guide to Pinterest

24th July 2014

If you’re not on Pinterest yet, you should be! With over 70 million users worldwide this social platform is one of the hottest sites for photography, yet so many businesses are still unsure about it. In a nutshell, Pinterest is a visual pinboard site that lets you ‘pin’ or collect images and add them to…

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The Fastest Way to Build a Following on Pinterest.

28th May 2014

What’s the point of working to have a social media presence if no one notices your efforts? Social media’s main purpose is to help you build connections, after all. So if you’re blindly wandering around Pinterest, struggling to build a following, you’re wasting your time. Or, perhaps you’re just now launching a Pinterest account in…

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When Facebook is gone in 5 years time are you going to be ready?

22nd May 2014

The general consensus is that Facebook is still playing a crucial role within social media marketing but as it loses it’s “cool factor” that made it so popular in the first place will the audience engagement go down and never recover?  This is one of the most hotly debated topics in social media at the…

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NHS and Social Media – Is it all down to the strategy?

10th May 2014

For the last couple of weeks both myself and Ash have been heavily involved in debates regarding the NHS and Social Media. We first got involved because the people were asking for solutions and we wanted to discuss that with them. The NHS is a mine field of bureaucracy and levels of management. The NHS…

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Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet – 2014

26th March 2014

If you are an inbound marketer or own a web business like me, you probably know how powerful to have beautiful looking social media accounts and the effect of sharing your content with a well-designed visual. An image says more than words can explain! Right? Now that even Twitter allows you to share your content…

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How to improve your social media pages.

3rd March 2014

If you have already got social media pages set up for your business and you want to improve the look and activity on them but need some ideas, then this blog post is for you.  Below are some tips that we have brought together to help you freshen up your pages! Update your images Consider changing your profile or…

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Top tips for using #Pinterest for your business.

2nd March 2014

This second post in our series of ‘top tips’ posts shows you the best ways to use Pinterest for your business. Make your own images The majority of pins (over 80%) on Pinterest are repins –this is pinning of images that someone else has pinned (not original images).  While repinning other pins to your boards is good and increases your…

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Double Your Pinterest Followers

How to Double Your Pinterest Followers in Just 5 Minutes a Day

11th February 2014

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most powerful social networks on the scene. Increasing your activity and knowing the tricks to get more Pinterest followers is important. If your product is targeted towards women then it is crucial to have an online presence on Pinterest. Pinterest is the now the 3rd most popular social network and…

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