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Share your Instagram pics as native Twitter photos.

1st November 2015

In this blog you will learn how to automatically post your Instagram masterpieces to your Twitter feed as opposed to just an Instagram link. As you’re probably aware Tweets with images get a much higher engagement rate for those Tweets without and so this is well worth adding to your Twitter marketing. So let’s show…

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Infographics are dead! Long live video infographics!

13th February 2015

Infographics are everywhere. And rightly so! As they emerged a few years or so ago, PR folks and marketers took advantage of the simplicity of displaying complex data in a way that told a more compelling story than just a load of numbers, percentages and words. And they didn’t need to be design experts. They…

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Social Media Week 2014: What can Social Media do for your business?

23rd September 2014

Happy Social Media Week 2014! What better excuse to talk about one thing I can’t live without! Most brands now are recognising the power of social media and if you aren’t you should be. As technology grows and updates rise we are being forced into it, but it’s a good thing! Here’s why Social Media…

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How to create rocking Tweets?

14th August 2014

160 Characters? May not feel enough to wow your audience! Dear Reader, quality matters over quantity. Engaging words that come directly out of your mind makes a big difference. Rock stars will always have more followers than you and I. But we can be rock star in our own niche. How? That’s the trick. Feeds…

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5 Reasons: Why Social Media and SEO should be done together?

14th August 2014

Number counts for spreading the words. More mouths mean intense voices and higher chances of getting heard around. We are living in a digital society. Even best of the artist finds crunching numbers of likes and followers on Social Media like Facebook or MySpace. This is why, every business needs social media presence. When you…

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The Principles of Contagious Content: Social Currency.

25th July 2014

Why do some things catch on and what makes some content more contagious? Is it down to luck or is some content just more viral worthy? Hundreds of research hours have been dedicated to solving this mystery and the findings show that there are six key principles to creating contagious content. Lets have a look…

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Facebook treats us like guinea pigs and we do not care.

18th July 2014

When the news first broke that Facebook had been using our timelines to run social experiments on us it probably shouldn’t have been as surprising as it was. However, what has surprised me even more is that they seem to have gotten away with it without recourse. The general public have just carried on posting…

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Social Media Marketing.

25th June 2014

Social Media Marketing The term ‘ social media marketing ‘ refers to the broad reach of the Internet and mobile services online exchanges to enable users to participate with the community where people gather on board to communicate with each other and share their thoughts are as follows : Blogs:  A blog is an online…

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5 Strategies to Bring Social Media and Your Overall Marketing Strategy Together

13th May 2014

Everywhere we turn we are constantly reminded of the importance of Social Media. Everybody is buzzing about it, but do you know what the buzz is all about? Surely there must be more to it than posting a status update or a Tweet that entices customers to purchase from you. So what is the secret?…

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3 Immediate Benefits a Social Media Management Platform Offers a Small Business

27th March 2014

For any small business, you’re looking for an unlimited amount of ways to help save you time and maximize each and every second of your day to the fullest extent. One thing that can take an extended amount of involvement is a social media marketing plan. You’ve created several social profiles across different channels and…

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