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Online Bingo jackpots explained

20th June 2020

Just like online slots, online bingo games are one of the biggest gambling success stories of the 21st century, bringing this infectious little game to so many more people, and bringing in a ton of revenue at the same time. There should not be any surprise there either; over the majority of the 20th century…

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Sudhir Choudhrie, one of the longest living heart transplant recipients, gives back to the community

30th May 2020

On a cold January morning in 1999, Sudhir Choudhrie lay in the hospital waiting for a miracle. His heart of 50 years had all but gone out. Due to a genetic predisposition discovered when he was just eight years old, Choudhrie knew, without a transplant, he wouldn’t have much longer to live. However, that morning…

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Tips for Running your Cannabis Related Business

29th May 2020

The cannabis business is a rapidly surging industry. As more and more states in the U.S. begin to legalize the use of cannabis, and many other countries around the world following suit (or having done so long before), the industry is beginning to see a massive amount of growth in a very short time. Many…

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How to beat the casino

25th May 2020

There is one thing that you ought to know about gambling, no matter which game you choose from blackjack to slots… the house always wins. Even if you come away with millions from a slot game, overall the house has the advantage, and despite your win, the casino or website like FreeSlotSites is still making…

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Insider tips on how to market an online casino

20th May 2020

The gambling industry is thriving but it is also increasingly competitive. The more customers that enter the market, the more online casinos spring up all hoping for the lion’s share. As with any industry, in order to reap the benefits of the sector’s growth, they need to have a solid marketing plan in place. Forget the…

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How Dirty Is Your Office?

28th April 2020

Maintaining a clean office should be a priority. A dirty office can create a bad impression for guests, it can affect employee morale, it can make you and your employees sick and it could even lead to damaged equipment. Most of us don’t have a real idea of how dirty our office is. Germs and…

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Why Online Slots Are The Best Option To Relax

20th April 2020

Relaxing is something that is often missing from our busy, modern lives. We are so concerned with making money, filling up every moment with work, doing something at all times so that we don’t feel bored, that relaxing gets forgotten about. The problem is, without at least a little relaxation in our lives, we can…

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Effective car care tips for business owners after lockdown

30th March 2020

As soon as the lockdown is over, all businesses will fully resume their operations. When that happens, being business owners we need to be ready to hit the road for aligning our goals. During lock down, the time you have got on your hands, you can utilise it for good car care. It is a…

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What Businesses Can Learn from the Bingo Sector

16th March 2020

If there is one industry that has undeniably had an image overhaul in recent years, it’s the bingo sector. Once seen as the reserve of old age pensioners and housewives, it might have been enduringly popular, but it was marketed to only a very limited audience. As will always be the case with products that appeal to…

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Coronavirus Shutdown: Bathrooms, garages and a van – The spaces being commandeered as home offices

12th March 2020

Workers across the UK preparing for a potential Coronavirus shutdown are using creative ways to make home office space. Worried workers across the country and preparing for a potential shutdown of their workplace as the Coronavirus panic picks up pace. However, some are having to take drastic measures to create space at home big enough…

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