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Becoming an Influencer on Twitter.

17th September 2014

Twitter was born in 2006. Since then, and especially in recent years, the social media platform has rocket launched into one of the most heavily used sites on the Internet, serving as a great place to network, advertise and share. Twitter is a worthwhile place to set your roots – for both businesses and individuals…

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6 Quick tips on How to be more Successful with Pinterest.

13th August 2014

If you are up to date with marketing news you surely have already heard of Pinterest – social media platform allowing users to share mainly visual content: pictures, graphics, infographics, etc. Since it is a platform for visual learners, the type of business which can gain the most by being present in is the one…

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Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

4th August 2014

Picture yourself as a Twitter user. You’re in a “Content Discovery” state of mind, browsing around popular tweets. You stumble upon someone interesting. Do you “Follow”? What goes through your mind: Who is this person? What have they written about themselves? How many tweets have they posted? Over what period of time? And most importantly:…

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5 Of The Best URL Shorteners Available

14th July 2014

The road to social media success is a long and arduous one. There is no quick fix and it can become very time consuming. For a lot of businesses, social media has become one of the hardest marketing platforms to crack. The best place to start is with the simple things. Everyone shares their links…

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When Facebook is gone in 5 years time are you going to be ready?

22nd May 2014

The general consensus is that Facebook is still playing a crucial role within social media marketing but as it loses it’s “cool factor” that made it so popular in the first place will the audience engagement go down and never recover?  This is one of the most hotly debated topics in social media at the…

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NHS and Social Media – Is it all down to the strategy?

10th May 2014

For the last couple of weeks both myself and Ash have been heavily involved in debates regarding the NHS and Social Media. We first got involved because the people were asking for solutions and we wanted to discuss that with them. The NHS is a mine field of bureaucracy and levels of management. The NHS…

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Paid Followers and Fans – What is the point? (I’ll give you a clue there isn’t any)

6th May 2014

I was discussing what we do with a peer the other day as we drove to a networking meeting together . She is a huge advocate of what we do and had some advice for me. She told me to stop selling social media, “You guys are growing people’s businesses, using social media. You aren’t…

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Sharing is Caring. Watch what and how do you share!

21st February 2014

 Social Media is about networking and sharing. Sounds obvious. Simple, you would say. But let just ask yourself What are you sharing? Maybe better How do you share things?  Let me show you few things you should do before and while sharing. Making this simple things you will show respect to your followers, no matter its…

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Why Aren't Fans Responding On Facebook? Vaccoda Design

6 Reasons Your Fans Aren’t Responding to Your Facebook Posts

12th February 2014

The first sign that things were changing on Facebook appeared a few weeks ago. There was a significant drop in reach for almost all of our clients. Reach is the metric provided in Facebook analytics that is supposed to show how much exposure a post receives. The drop happened on the same day immediately following…

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Social Media Expectations for 2014 #3

24th January 2014

Prior to 2014 kicking in I highlighted on my blog that I had 4 expectations for social media in the new year & that I would delve a little further into each of them throughout January. You can read the first 2 posts here & here & this is the third, all about Google+. My…

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Followers, Are Larger Numbers Always Better?

11th January 2014

I was recently involved in a project that took place on Twitter whereby a community worked together to increase their overall number of followers over the course of a couple of days to a week. It was fascinating to watch and there were some instances of individuals growing their following by as much as 1,000…

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Instagram: How to use it to maximize your business efforts?

9th January 2014

Instagram is a great social network. I think everyone will agree. But it’s good only to make some selfie’s and show up with your private life?  Many people could think so, but it’s not true. Lot of people using Instagram only for private purposes and Pinterest for business efforts. I agree that Pinterest is more…

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