Food and Drink

Dima’s Vodka – The Ukrainian Way

1st February 2022

Dima’s Vodka is a fairly new creation, it was launched at the beginning of the pandemic, already showing that they can embrace the hardest of times, it was created by Ukrainian-born Dima Deinega to challenge consumer stereotypes of Vodka, as clearly seen by the outstanding bottle design, this is a Premium Vodka, in fact, it…

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Chocolate For The Chocolate Lovers

27th January 2022

Britain’s Greatest Little Chocolate company, Montezuma’s was founded in 2000 by Helen and Simon Pattinson after they discovered their taste and passion for chocolate in South America, this trip they took changed their lives forever, becasue when they got back to the UK they now had a dream to create extraordinary British chocolate that boasted…

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Mash Your Way To Perfection With Masha

13th December 2021

Have we just found the perfect machine to create the lightest, fluffiest, meringues, batters, cake mix and whipped cream ever? Let’s find out… The Masha is one of those kitchen items which you don’t always have on your necessary to get kitchen bucket list, but it’s one that often makes its way onto the would…

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NIO Cocktails

7th December 2021

Ready-made cocktails in a simple to use small cardboard box, NIO Cocktails may have perfected the simple to enjoy cocktails, but at what price? NIO Cocktails have made a vast selection of cocktails including the Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Mai Tai and this Gin Proved one, plus many more well-known favourites, this one was expertly crafted in…

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Wilfred’s – Reinventing The Spritz

7th December 2021

Spritz is an Italian wine-based cocktail, commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy, but over the years, people have sought to reinvent the spritz, even making it alcohol free, Wildfred’s is one of those stories of a man wanting to make a positive change to the industry. Chris Wilfred Hughes, the founder of Wilfred’s…

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The Pale Fox Prosecco

30th November 2021

The Pale Fox Prosecco brand was created by two English men on a late summer’s afternoon in 2018, in a forgotten corner of northern Italy, where the Venetian coastal plain rises to form the first foothills of the Alps, lies the Valle delle Volpi or Valley of the Foxes. Located in the exclusive Superiore DOCG…

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The Perfect Bake Off Box Set – Ready, Set, Bake Off

18th November 2021

Christmas is coming up and this could be a great gift for any baker or lover of The Great British Bake Off, they have a unique selection of gifts perfect for budding and experienced bakers alike. From a kit to create your own Christmas cake extravaganza to bundles of premium baking equipment to suit different…

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Buttermilk Chocolates

4th November 2021

Chocolate lovers beware, this brand of chocolate could end up becoming your new favourite, with a wide selection, which is only getting bigger. Suitable for Vegan and Dairy-Free chocolate lovers, ButterMilk has created a wide array of chocolates for you to enjoy, including Cookies and Creme Crunch, Choccy Orange Mega Buttons, Honeycomb Blast, Peanut Butter…

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Mirabeau Dry Gin & Tonic Canettes

8th October 2021

More and more we are seeing companies placing their drinks inside of a can, there are two reasons I can think of why, it’s more environmentally friendly than a bottle and it’s easy and hassle free to enjoy, just pick up a can, click it open and enjoy, no need for a glass, or any…

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Neptune Rum

7th October 2021

Neptune is now celebrated once again on the bottles of Neptune Rum, with Neptune Rum even committing to protect the world’s oceans, with sales of every bottle generating vital funds for projects that help prevent and clean up pollution and restore the Earth’s oceans to their former glory, something I’m sure Neptune would approve of. Neptune Rum…

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