Food and Drink

Why The Food Industry Will Never Stop Growing

15th November 2018

If there’s anywhere you should want to be at the minute, it’s in the food industry. It will literally never stop growing, and it’s one of the most lucrative markets to try and invest your money in to. If you were to set up a business, there’s endless possibilities to the money you could make,…

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5 Steps to choosing the best Champagne & Sparkling Wines

13th November 2018

A very common question I get asked by my friends and family who know that I am in the business of wine is ‘How do I know if the Champagne / sparkling wine I am buying is going to be good quality’. A quick fire reply I usually say is that it will very much…

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Why are side gusset bags so popular for food packaging?

18th October 2018

When it comes to food packaging, side gusset bags are one of the most popular choices across every sector. Flexible, practical and attractive, these bags are low-cost to produce and offer good shelf life for all kinds of edible goods. Plus, the design of the bags allows for a readable design to be printed on…

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Social Media vs Print Advertising in the food industry.

1st January 2014

Social media > print advertising in the food industry. According to the Grant Thornton International Food and Beverage report, ‘Hunger for growth: Food and Beverage looks to the future’, social media is now more important than print advertising in the food industry. This is supported by figures which show 49% of food and beverage executives…

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