The Power of Social Media – Using Twitter when trading stocks and shares

6th June 2016

Investing in stocks and shares was once the privilege of the wealthy, money went to money and it was like for many years until the internet arrived and trading online opened up the stock market to ordinary people and gave them the opportunity to make their fortunes, or as in most cases just a better…

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So What the Heck is #Periscope?

21st July 2015

I went to a social media conference last week. As I walked in the door, I was suddenly on Periscope, looking very startled I might add and only capable of uttering something that sounded very much like “ermblurfatnomnom”…. Fantastic! Everyone around me was hyper excited and waving phones all over the place. It was quite…

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Becoming an Influencer on Twitter.

17th September 2014

Twitter was born in 2006. Since then, and especially in recent years, the social media platform has rocket launched into one of the most heavily used sites on the Internet, serving as a great place to network, advertise and share. Twitter is a worthwhile place to set your roots – for both businesses and individuals…

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SME Marketing Tips 2014

10th September 2014

If you have a start-up or a small business, you will know that marketing is essential for increasing awareness of your brand, generating income and ensuring continued success. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your company is, if people aren’t aware of it. With marketing being essential for a company’s success, it is important…

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New on Twitter: Promoted Video

25th August 2014

Given the explosion of video content over the last few years, we could always count on one site to stick with simple text: Twitter. Those days are gone, thanks to recent beta testing on the site’s new Promoted Video tool. People were already using Twitter to share links to promotional videos with prospects and customers.…

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Growing Your Bands Exposure With Social Media

22nd August 2014

If you’re in the music industry, social media is a key way of distributing your work. In this article we’ll go through the key ways to leverage social media to benefit your music aspirations. The first place to start is in building an audience on Facebook. Create a Facebook page as this gives the authenticity…

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Social Media & Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

18th August 2014

Social media has taken over, if you aren’t on a social media network yourself then you most certainly will know someone else who is. Social media platforms aren’t just used to keep up to date with what your friends and family are up to, it’s also used for marketing and scoping out the competition. Twitter,…

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How to create rocking Tweets?

14th August 2014

160 Characters? May not feel enough to wow your audience! Dear Reader, quality matters over quantity. Engaging words that come directly out of your mind makes a big difference. Rock stars will always have more followers than you and I. But we can be rock star in our own niche. How? That’s the trick. Feeds…

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How to Balance Your Business Twitter Feed

13th August 2014

For many prospective and current customers alike, your business Twitter feed is their first introduction to the passion and commitment your business exudes. As a result, it’s very important to balance your business Twitter feed, specifically in the form of content that will engage and inspire while still maintaining an industry-specific focus. To strike the…

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Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

4th August 2014

Picture yourself as a Twitter user. You’re in a “Content Discovery” state of mind, browsing around popular tweets. You stumble upon someone interesting. Do you “Follow”? What goes through your mind: Who is this person? What have they written about themselves? How many tweets have they posted? Over what period of time? And most importantly:…

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10 Reasons Why Auto Direct Messages Are Bad for Your Brand and Business.

31st July 2014

  It’s almost impossible to exist in social media without receiving an Automated (auto) Direct Message (DM). Especially infamous on Twitter (which I love), a case will be made here that 99% of the time the DMs sent add no value for the recipient and, worse, irritate. Ultimately, they can lead to damage to a…

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5 Of The Best URL Shorteners Available

14th July 2014

The road to social media success is a long and arduous one. There is no quick fix and it can become very time consuming. For a lot of businesses, social media has become one of the hardest marketing platforms to crack. The best place to start is with the simple things. Everyone shares their links…

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