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Spreading the Cost and Helping Good Causes

29th October 2015

The growth of voucher codes sites has been rapid in recent years, and from a customer’s point of view, this can only be a good thing. With online shopping still on the rise (and figures predicting this can only continue), bargain hunters are looking for more and more ways to save those precious pounds and…

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Social Media making gambling all too easier now?

13th July 2015

Gaming has long been a feature on the internet from simple games to pass the time like solitaire to more expensive options such as Call of Duty and GTA. Online gaming, online casino, slot games are also available and the difference with these types of games is that they can cost you a small fortune…

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Introducing Doritos Roulette

19th May 2015

If you are an avid television watcher, you may well have watched Doritos’ latest promotional campaign with interest. Recently, the brand announced the release of Doritos Roulette, a dangerous and innovative new snack that promises to deliver a spicy surprise with every handful. Although this snack provides an interesting proposition, it is not that far…

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Major companies accepting bitcoins

29th December 2014

The advent of the bitcoin in 2009 has seen a change in the dynamic of online buying and selling. The digital currency which has taken the online world by storm now offers customers and vendors a viable and workable option when buying and selling goods. However, in its early days there very few companies willing…

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Santa Has a Range of Commercial Flooring in His Sack This Year

2nd December 2014

The type of flooring you choose for your business can affect several aspects of its operation. Whether you work in an office environment, a busy kitchen or on the shop floor of a factory, you need to know that the flooring you provide your employees is durable, safe and reliable. Not only that, the type…

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Whistl: Changing the Delivery Game for SME’s

10th October 2014

Whenever we think of economic growth, are thoughts are usually drawn to large scale corporations and big business deal. This reflects a serious misconception, however, as  Barack Obama and David Cameron have both alluded to the fact that small and medium sized enterprises are central to long-term economic growth. Such a bold statement can certainly…

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How technology has created a trend of working from home

22nd September 2014

For many years, the global economy has operated upon the simple principle of employers and employees making their way to the office on a daily basis during the week to carry out their respective duties and responsibilities. Working in an office allows a company to function effectively, with everyone together in the same building to…

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What Social Gaming Can Mean For Your Business!

24th July 2014

If you’re on Facebook for personal use, the likelihood is that you won’t have been fully immune to the countless requests when it comes to social gaming. From the Candy Crush Saga to Bubble Witch and beyond, gaming is taking place at unprecedented levels, and it’s now entirely inevitable. What difference does this make? Well,…

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The Social Side of Pubs and their Punters – Whose round is it?

2nd April 2014

So, you are sitting in the pub and the person you’re with has gone to the bar or toilet, leaving you all on your own. What do you do? Apart from hoping that they haven’t gone to the loo for a number two, you whip out your phone and pretend to look busy. We’ve all…

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